Illuminate Your Heart

Spiritual Preparation for Hanukkah & Christmas


Mindful Mysticism for Soul Centered Living

This year both holidays begin together on the evening of December 24!

To highlight our common purpose and unity of heart we meditate together for 21 days as one human tribe.


Take a break and meditate with Rabbi Sigal for 5 minutes a day. December 4th to December 24th. Please use the guided meditation below repeatedly for several days. Follow Rabbi Sigal FB for daily inspirations.  More meditations will be posted in the next few day. Repeating the same practice is important.  It will help you increase the light within, develop focus and clarity and find the peace and inner freedom.

How to practice?  It is best to practice the same meditation repeatedly. Come back here once or more a day to hear this recording. If you can, it’s best to make time for it in the morning, but anytime of day is fine too. Listen  each morning to the 5 minute of meditation. Sit longer in silence if you have more time. For best results, repeat twice more each day if you can.   ENJOY!

Please share your affirmations and reflections on FB page.

“We are called to be silent and listen within during the Winter Solstice season. I invite you to join us for 5 minutes of guided meditation a day to illuminate your heart. I hope the daily contemplative practice will help you remember your light and also connect you to the light around you and in others. With loving attention we grow our internal and external lights together. We increase the light and the love by remembering our light and encouraging each other to shine on and connect. I wish us all an enlightening holiday season. I hope that this meditation supports you to make time to breathe and enjoy the quiet in the midst of busy holiday preparations.” Rabbi Sigal

Retreat with Rabbi Sigal at the beautiful Kripalu Retreat Center in Lenox, MA

December 23-25 Weekend Retreat   Illuminate Your Heart with Kabbalah

December 26-30 Winter Break Retreat   Kabbalah and Meditation Retreat: Mindful Mysticism for Soul-Centered Living


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