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You have come to the right place. You belong here. Here in your life & in your heart & soul.

Isn’t it time you came back to the home of your soul? 
Open, realign and balance your life with what we love and with your heart’s purpose. Come back home to your authentic self to enjoy more ease and contentment.

P21I look forward to seeing you in person and online.          Many blessings, Rabbi Sigal


Weekly Meditation : Wednesdays 7pm (some Tues) Starting oct 19!

Sh’ma Meditation for Ease and contentment

Jenkintown Library, 460 Old York Rd. Jenkintown PA (community room) 

Sh’ma Center for Meditation details

Once a month Rabbi Sigal is in r-jewish-meditation-large570NEWTOWN, PA

1. Meditation training for Ease & Contentment 5:30pm – 6:30pm
2. Sh’ma, Listen, Inspire Your Heart Kabbalah 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Mondays:  November 14, December 12, 2016 Details

 Year-end Retreats at Kripalu Center in MA

December 23-25 Weekend Retreat

Illuminate Your Heart with Kabbalah

Are you longing to connect with a new spark of inspiration so you can live an empowered life? In the teachings of Kabbalah, or mindful mysticism, your heart is the luminous center of power and contentment. Embrace your heart’s inherent wisdom in a retreat that includes meditation, relaxation, life-changing insights from Kabbalah, and Shabbat and Hanukkah celebrations.

Rabbi Sigal gently guides you to

  • Relax and connect with inner light and inspiration
  • Open to your heartfelt purpose and desire while clarifying your heart’s goals
  • Nurture creativity and cultivate a witnessing presence in your life.

Emerge from this program ready to live more fully from the heart.

December 26-30 Winter Break Retreat

Kabbalah and Meditation Retreat: Mindful Mysticism for Soul-Centered Living

Explore the landscape of your soul with Kabbalah and meditation, and cultivate openness to your authentic nature so you can live a more joyful and fulfilled life.

Through mindfulness, mystical meditations, breathing techniques, restorative relaxation, self-inquiry, life-changing insights from Kabbalah, group discussion, and chanting, you practice

  • Listening deeply within and practicing methods of self- attunement
  • Nurturing connection to yourself and the world with expanded consciousness
  • Releasing stress, discontent, and dissatisfaction
  • Welcoming new inspirations, connections, and peace into your life.

If there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be, get ready to create a new beginning. Real change is possible when you nurture a soul-centered plan to guide your life.

SAVE THE DATE Mindful Mysticism for Soul-Centered Living. Weekend retreat March 3-5, 2017 at Kripalu

“The inner experience of harmony and freedom informs and transforms life.

When we discover our sense of separation is an illusion, we surrender to the flow of life more fully. Guided by our heart’s desire and purpose we adjust our lifestyle. We set the right conditions to live connected to our heart. We learn how easily we can live with peace and
contentment.”   Rabbi Sigal

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Sigal’s integrative meditative approach is rooted in the recognition that we are whole as we are. There is nothing wrong with us; we are not broken and we don’t need fixing. Instead, we need loving, attention, kindness, and care to ease into being and trusting more fully who we are. Being our authentic sea-self.

She teaches practices to help living remembering we are vast and magnificent as the wide sea. She guides students to navigate skillfully through life, to live with more ease and less discontent.

“I learned life changing tools in Rabbi Sigal’s meditation class. I have been involved in meditation for a while. I recently joined Rabbi Sigal’s group and I am really thrilled with her unique approach. Her methods and personal touch make it a total body experience. You begin to notice the peace and balance throughout your body. She takes you through a guided session that brings you totally into the moment in a relaxed and positive way.”    Susan G. Meditation Group Participant

 RETREAT with Rabbi Sigal at the beautiful Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, MA

All retreats are open to people of all spiritual, religious, and nonreligious orientations

Sh’ma- Mindful Mysticism for Soul Centered Living

Sh’ma means to listen and hear. A call to collect our attention to listen and hear clearly.

Do you want to feel more ease and contentment? To enjoy a balanced mind, calm emotions and self-acceptance?

Meditation with Rabbi Sigal  focuses on mending gaps and finding your ground of being in ways you haven’t experienced before. Dive into the mystery of your soul and learn to sustain a deep connection to the mystery and your heart’s desire and purpose.

Mindful mysticism for soul-centered living is rooted in Kabbalah and integrated contemplative practices. It is a holistic approach to healing, joy and contentment.
Rabbi Sigal will teach and guide a healing contemplative practice to focus on mending gaps and connecting to your heart’s desire.

You will learn and practice spiritual refinement based in Kabbalah and mysticism, be guided in contemplative meditation, integrated mindfulness, heart-fulness, and breathing technique.

All levels are welcome. No experience or knowledge are necessary.

How long has it been since you spent time at the wellspring of your heart?

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Online meditation groups

Personalized day retreats in NYC, Philadelphia & private locations. Contact us for details about hosting a small group session or retreat.