Meditation & Retreats

Light Your Inner-Menorah Meditation 

DECEMBER Kabbalah MeditIMG_7213_2ation sessions are dedicated to increasing the LIGHT!

Open to All! Please RSVP $25
  • Elkins Park, PA  12/2 and 12/9    7-8:30PM  Yorktown Plaza, Elkins Park PA, 19027
  • Newtown, PA 12/8    7-8:30pm 115 Pheasant Run, Suite 212, Newtown, PA 18940


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KRIPALU RETREATS Stockbridge MA in December and March
IMG_7214_2Empower Your Heart’s Purpose: A Sankalpa Retreat

December 20-23, 2015

Are you longing to know, remember, and live your life’s purpose? In Sanskrit, the word sankalpa means “deepest heart’s desire and purpose.” Your heart is the center of your power. Come sit at the wellspring of your own heart and learn to welcome the mystery of your heart’s wisdom. This retreat includes meditation, deep relaxation, life-changing insights, and skillful self-inquiry.

Rabbi Sigal gently guides you to

  • Relax and trust your intuition
  • Open to your heartfelt desire and purpose, and clarify your intention
  • Cultivate a witnessing presence to your truth
  • Nurture a plan, from the depth of your being, to guide your life.

You emerge from this retreat focused and empowered to live more fully.

Meditation and Mysticism: Kabbalah Retreat for Ease and Contentment

December 24-27 2015,   and March 25-27 2016

For people of all spiritual, religious, and nonreligious orientations.

Kabbalah—mindful mysticism for soul-centered living—is a holistic and direct approach to living fully and cultivating happiness. It aims at nurturing your authentic nature and supporting you in joyfully connecting to yourself and the world with expanded consciousness.

Explore the landscape of the soul with meditation, deep relaxation, self-inquiry, and breath, as you

  • Learn to sustain a deep connection to your heart’s desire and purpose
  • Release stress, discontent, and dissatisfaction
  • Practice healing and restorative techniques that lead to more ease, freedom, and contentment.

Real change is possible when you listen deeply and incorporate methods of self-attunement into daily life.

Questions and information:     267- 627- 4425 

Meditation & Learning For soul Centered Living  in Pennsylvania:

1.  Elkins Park, PA,  7-8:30pm Wednesday, weekly  November 18. 2016 dates TBA

2. Newtown, PA 7-8:30pm Tuesday, Monthly  Dec. 8.  2016 dates TBA

You will learn and practice spiritual refinement based in Kabbalah and Mussar teachings, be guided in contemplative meditation, integrated mindf
lness, breathing techniques and chants.

All levels are welcome. No experience or knowledge is necessary. More details below.


1. Elkins Park, PA,  7-8:30pm Wednesday, weekly 

Yorktown Plaza, Elkins Park PA, 19027

RSVP to Hearawake@gmail(dot)com FREE to Kesher Shalom Members

2. Newtown, PA 7-8:30pm Tuesday, Monthly

Newtown – 115 Pheasant Run, Suite 212 Newtown, PA 18940,  $25

Description:  Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism, is a mindful mysticism for soul-centered living. It is a holistic approach to healing, joy and contentment. Mussar is a spiritual refinement method, contemplative practice which aims at the discovery and cultivation of integrated behaviors that are rooted in the soul.

Rabbi Sigal Brier will teach from Mussar and Kabbalah and guide us in a healing contemplative practice to focus on mending gaps and finding our ground of being and connect to our heart’s desire and a better life.

Rabbi Sigal Brier is an inspirational teacher and spiritual mentor. She is a musician and artist with training in psychology, art, yoga, meditation and integrative methods. She dedicates her life to sharing methods and inspiring people to live their heart’s purpose. She is a Rabbi at Kesher Shalom in Abington PA.

She is a popular speaker and a faculty member at academic and other organizations including Temple University and Kripalu Center. She has several publications and a TED Talk. She was featured on CBS Sunday Morning News and has been a guest on several National Public Radio (NPR) talk shows.

How long has it been since you spent time at the wellspring of your heart?


Why Meditate?

Do you want to feel more ease and contentment? To enjoy a balanced mind, calm emotions and self-acceptance?

Meditation with Rabbi Sigal  focuses on mending gaps and finding your ground of being in ways you haven’t experienced before. Dive into the mystery of your soul and learn to sustain a deep connection to the mystery and your heart’s desire and purpose.

Contact Rabbi Sigal about  mentoring and creative life-cycle ceremonies

267- 627- 4425  hearawake@gmail(dot)com