Shuvah, it’s time to come home

14102337_10210158582022415_7381141147933418140_nElul the month preceding the New Year is dedicated to returning to love.

How do we orient back to Love, balance and peace? What do you do to shepherd yourself back to the home of your soul? What makes you turn and return? And what calls you to begin the process of Teshuvah?

At this time of year we count down the days through the month of Elul to a New Jewish Year and open, realign, and balance our lives with what we love and with our heart’s desires and purpose.

I want to offer here, in the series of few weekly posts, some of what I teach in Kabbalah as a mindful mysticism for soul-centered living. I utilize a holistic and direct approach to cultivating wholeness and happiness through insight, meditation and contemplation. I invite you to explore the landscape of your soul and your life, and inspire your heart to occupy itself more fully through this process with self-inquiry and care until the Jewish New Year in October. May you be inspired to open the heart with forgiveness, identify patterns of discontent and misalignment, and experience healing as you return to natural balance more each day.

“Eliminate something superfluous from your life. Break a habit. Do something that makes you feel insecure.” Piero Ferrucci

It is a time for turning. In this first week of Elul we remember the love and feel the gratitude in our hearts while we extend kindness to our body-minds and invite it to turn. We begin within and let it slowly ripple out into the world around us. You may wonder, what do we turn to? What or where is the home of our soul? Well, let the inquiry begin.

This week we spend time at the wellspring of our heart to remember what we love. We recall what is important and what brings us alive. The turning is a kind of remembering and orienting to the desire of the heart. This remembering is the foundation necessary to establish safety and secure feeling as we begin to undo the knots through forgiveness and change. The anchor is a constant reminder and a desire as we do the challenging work of Teshuvah.

Ask yourself why. To what end do you wish to engage in this process of reflection? Why are you open to doing this challenging work to let go, release and change? Or in other words, what is that you want to feel, know, experience in your life, which is now obscured or missing?

I invite you to take time in the next few days to reflect on the highlights of the past year, or longer if necessary. What do you remember and what can you learn from how you felt, who you been with, where it was and when? Write down what you remember about those times and how they made you feel. Reflect on it and let it open a gate to the garden of your heart. Sit and dwell in your garden and in the presence of what makes you happy and how it feels when you feel connected, at peace, safe, cared for or other feelings related to the sense of being settled and secure at home.

We are preparing the ground for the transformative effect of the season. Next week we will dive into forgiveness.

I wish you a wonderful time of discovery and falling in love with yourself and your life. Ani ledodi ve’dodi li, I’m my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. 

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