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Paving a Mendful Path with Questions

Elul the month preceding the Jewish New Year is dedicated to returning to love and peace. Elul begins Tuesday night August 22nd.

How do we orient back to love, balance and peace? What can we do to shepherd ourselves back to wholeness and kindness? What will help us turn and return? And what calls us, despite the disappointment and dispart,  to again, begin the process of Teshuvah?

You may think: why are you asking so many questions, it’s  not Passover.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Albert Einstein

Questions are vehicles born of curiosity to carry us back home to wonder, peace, appreciation, hope, innovation and joy. Some of the biggest discoveries and inventions happen after long periods of asking and contemplating. 

At this time of year we count down the days through the month of Elul to a New Jewish Year. We pave a MENDFUL PATH as we open, realign, and balance our lives with what we love and with our heart’s desires and purpose. We ask and consider what we and others love and need. We ask how can we help, serve, live more fully. We ask new and old questions and contemplate possible answers and responses.

Questions are so important in the process of mending and healing that I am thinking that Maybe we can declare this new year of 5778 A YEAR OF QUESTIONS! To dedicate our attention to opening to new possibilities, to ask new questions, to become unstuck and more free. Asking, conversing, connecting, and more actively offering fresh ideas to solving core problems and see in new ways our lives and our world.

In Kabbalah, mindful mysticism for soul-centered living, we are invited to venture to the unknown and risk, yes risk, trusting in the mystery.  Kabbalah is a way to ask questions with curiosity seeing beyond the veil of what is known, into new fields of  possibilities within our souls, our lives, world and universe.

I invite you to explore the landscape of your soul and your life, and inspire your heart to occupy itself more fully in Elul (Aug 23-Sept 20) through this process with self-inquiry and care preparing for a new year. May we be inspired to open our hearts and ask elucidating questions, be extra curious and open, contemplate possibilities in conversations with others, meditate, reflect, identify patterns, think and act mindfully, and experience new levels of healing and mending.

I wish us a wonderful time of discovery and falling in love with yourself and your life and all your beloveds and all the beauty and joy you can experience. Ani ledodi ve’dodi li, I’m my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. 

Blessings, Rabbi Sigal

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