It’s Mending Time

Together we mend our lives and the world. One conversation, one action, one commitment, one small step at a time.

More than ever, the world is calling us to fulfill our mission of Tikkun Olam.

Tikkun Olam is rooted in Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah and is summoning us to strive toward repair, healing and mending the world.

In an age when attention span is decreasing to seconds, and information is consumed in snapshots, I search for ways to capture attention in order to bring us together for caring conversations and begin to mend our feelings of brokenness and separation.

I coined a new word with the hope to communicate a big idea in a simple and direct way.
MENDFUL, the healing mindset is a cluster of ideas and attitudes. 

I hope MENDFUL becomes the new  m i n d s e t  for healing ourselves and the world. In my teaching and writing I combine several ideas and attitudes to reclaim our connectivity and humanity. Among them are: kindness, mindfulness, gracefulness, heartfulness, caring conversations, listening, sharing, patience, authenticity, creativity, remembering our deep interconnectedness, generosity, receptivity, forgiveness, compassion and peace.

Let’s gather, connect and mend… Please join us in cultivating and spreading mendfulness and healing our hearts and the world with meditation, learning and healing conversations. We are bringing more people to the conversation with virtual forums and resources, and we hope to see you more.   Love and blessings.


Mendful Meditation for ease and contentment Thursdays 8:30 PM EST ($15)

A weekly virtual gathering with Rabbi Sigal to explore healing meditations and learn how to live more at ease and content. Learn to focus and relax in the midst of your life, and open to the mystery of your soul and life.

Includes: Rabbi’s teaching

Guided meditation experience

Time for sharing and questions and answers.

Once you signup via Eventbrite you will receive a link for group meeting before Thursday. Call in by phone or login to see and hear us via smart phone or computer.

Mendful Living Mentoring with Rabbi Sigal for individuals and small groups. contact us for details and to schedule a free 15 minutes consultation for new students.