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Come, inspire your heart at our new Sh’ma Center for Meditation 

Thank you all for wonderful High Holidays at the beautiful pavilion at Abington Art Center

You are invited to join us for a spiritual and meaningful experiences through out the year. Art and scholarship inspired learning is creative, contemplative, informative and interactive experiences for heart and soul.

We rely on donations and membership to pay our expenses. Please consider becoming a member and contribute generously to support Kesher Shalom. We thank you for your support. Your contributions are fully tax-deductible.

Suggested High Holy Days contribution is $200 a person.
Mailing address for donations: Kesher Shalom
co/ Jacobs Management Group #1100
1420 Walnut st.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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Sh’ma meditation for ease and contentment Wednesdays at 7pm

Jenkintown Library, Old York Rd, PA  starting 10/19/16

TBA: Contemplative Kabbalat Shabbat gatherings
Kabbalah learning and meditation … 
More classes and retreats

We are inspired by Rabbi Sigal’s teachings to make a difference in our lives and the world, one action, one commitment, one small step at a time.

We enjoy and celebrate Judaism as a wisdom, a dynamic evolving tradition, one which builds on the past, honors the present and looks to the future. We are a musical, learning and contemplative community. We honor all people, religions and opinions. Our services and events inspire hearts and minds, and strengthen local caring community.

 All are welcome. People of all ages, stages and interests.


  • High Holy Days
  • Learning texts, traditions and beyond
  • Meditation for a soul centered living
  • Musings in Mussar & Kabbalah: Learning and Living a balanced life. Small groups are forming. contact us if you are interested
  • Hanukkah
  • Purim
  • Passover 
  • Individual and family spiritual mentoring and guidance

All are welcome!

Your contributions are fully tax-deductible
Mailing address: Kesher Shalom c/o Jacobs Management Group 1420 Walnut st. Suite 1100 Philadelphia PA 19102

Checks are best, but you can contribute on paypal to the email address: Keshershalom at gmail (dot) com

We meet at the beautiful Abington Art Center in Jenkintown, PA, Jenkintown Library, PA and other locations in the PA area, for services and events to inspire heart and mind, and strengthen local caring community.
We rely on donations and membership to pay our expenses. Please consider becoming a member and contribute generously to keep Kesher Shalom’s important presence in the Greater Philadelphia area, and in your life.

At our school, students meet with the rabbi in small groups or individually for meaningful and enriching Jewish education. Education includes Jewish holiday and bible study and Hebrew language instruction, as well as preparation for bar/bat mitzvah with a student-centered approach.

Our programs lead by our inspiring Rabbi Sigal are participatory and interactive. Each person is encouraged to share and contribute. We welcome anyone who is interested in  learning, sharing  and connect with others. If you are interested in finding out more about Kesher Shalom, please email us. keshershalom at gmail.com We are looking forward to connecting with you.

Honor the memory of your loved ones with a donation to Kesher Shalom send contributions and names to: Kesher Shalom c/o Jacobs Management Group 1420 Walnut st. Suite 1100 Philadelphia PA 19102

Phone: 215-207-9349 Email: KesherShalom@gmail(dot)com

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MEDITATION Gatherings- Learn to meditate

Meditation for Soul Centered Living

DESCRIPTION: Mindful mysticism for soul-centered living is rooted in Kabbalah and integrated contemplative practices. It is a holistic approach to healing, joy and contentment.
Rabbi Sigal will teach and guide a healing contemplative practice to focus on mending gaps and connecting to your heart’s desire.

You will learn and practice spiritual refinement based in Kabbalah and mysticism, be guided in contemplative meditation, integrated mindflness, heartfulness, and breathing technique.

All levels are welcome. No experience or knowledge is necessary.

Need more information?  keshershalom at gmail.com

Past programs…

“When the month of Adar begins we increase in joy!”

Why? because we celebrate the holiday of Purim (March 24) during Adar. On this leap year Adar, the month of joy and happiness is not one, but two months! A double Adar, I and II, double the fun.
On Purim we are “commanded” to be happy and have fun. But what if we don’t feel like it? I think that is why we are “commanded.” So we do it even when, or especially when, we don’t feel happy. It is a practice!
I previously shared about setting the right conditions for living the life we want, instead of setting goals. Happiness is closely relates to it and works in a similar way. Setting the conditions and having reminders for happiness in place are key to experiencing happiness.
We know from studies that smiling and laughing, even for no reason at all, changes how we feel. When we engage in smiling and laughing we set the physical, chemical, and neural conditions to feeling happier.          Enjoy! Rabbi Sigal

Thank you for a wonderful COMMUNITY Hanukkah Gathering!


LIGHT UP with your community 

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary. BECOME a MEMBER. We have expanded our offerings and look forward to seeing you throughout the year.

Pre Passover Gathering 

Out with the Hametz in with freedom! But what does all this mean to us today?
How will you make it fun and meaningful this year?

Come learn how to enjoy and lead a meaningful and fun Seder. We will gather to be inspired, learn and discuss with Rabbi Sigal.
Bring your interesting and fun Haggahdas (books) if you have them, and your questions! We will provide the inspiration to prepare you for a meaningful Seder and holiday.