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Everyone is afraid to go to the edge, but that’s where meeting & mending happen.

We are fraying apart, forgetting we are all intricately interconnected. We must act to mend us back together.

Mendful focuses us on expanding our awareness of interconnection to all people and between all things. Mendful is a mindset of living interconnected. A cluster of attitudes and beliefs that shape behaviors, relationships and life. The Mendful Mind-set calls us to venture outside of the known into the unknown mystery and reconnect. 

We call each other to mend, to open to connect beyond limiting beliefs, and isolating cultural and tribal bubbles.

Mendful Zones are spaces and times devoted to learning, creating and practicing with art, mending meditations and mendful conversations. In the zones is where and when we meet ourselves and mend within, where we engage in meaningful conversations and re-connect with each other and the world.

We journey the Mendful Path applying mendful sensibilities in a process of learning and re-connecting. We mend disconnects, discontents, separation and loneliness to come together to deep peace and cooperation. Mendful includes mindfulness practice, but it’s not limited to developing awareness and mindfulness.

Together we mend the fabric of our humanity. We meet and mend one conversation at a time. 

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  

Viktor Frankl

Mending Our Disconnects and Sense of Separation

Without mendfully conversing, to call each other out of our isolation, it will get worse. Even though it’s difficult to openly listen and be with people we disagree with and dislike, we must. Because it’s dangerous not to listen to those who have opinions we don’t like and perpetuate societal divides.

 We live in cultural bubbles. Much of life today is mediated on screens. Many of us forgot the benefits of and how to connect in meaningful ways with others in person. We are not in touch with the joy and fulfillment we find in engaging unedited, flowing, spontaneous, deep and caring conversations. There is an ever growing polarization in societies causing us to have a diminishing ability to converse, empathize and connect. We are quick to criticize, state our opposing beliefs and argue while we are slow to open our minds and hearts to listen.

Humans have a real need to be connected in realtime and real physical space, authentically and freely. The positive effects of authentic social interactions have been shown to increase happiness, life satisfaction and oxytocin levels (those are the feeling well and connected hormones.)  When we meet, listen to, empathize and learn from each other we all benefit from the power of human connection and caring. There are progressively fewer places where we feel safe and fully welcome where we can go to the edge with people who are not in our cultural milieu. Many of us are making decisions born in fear and scarcity, and not of love, kindness and concern for all humans. All and all we are becoming more defensive, protective, argumentative, combative, lonely, fearful and polarized.

We invite you to join us on the Mendful Path. We share in the hope for peace and care to all people.

Four Guiding Posts on the Mendful Path

  1. Intend to Mend –We are all humans and we are all in this together. Remembering we are interconnected, we treat everyone with kindness and tenderness. We are forgiving and open to sharing different perspectives. We stay attuned to our feelings while we remain open to others and let them have their own experience. Authenticity and openness take time to cultivate and change is slow. We are willing to remain open in the mendful exploration.
  2. The Mendful Zone– Feeling safe, seen, heard, belong and connected are important. The mendful zone is where we meet heart to heart and mend within and with each other. A sacred container where we are free to be honest and caring toward one another and ourselves. In Mendful Zones we set the right conditions, a safe environment, where mending conversations can easily unfold. We define the parameters of time, space and basic guidelines to help participant feel at-ease and open.  
  3. Inner Mending– We use contemplative methods, mindfulness, guided relaxations and meditation to cultivate a receptive and open inner posture of heart and mind. Specific methods are used to enhance individuals’ ability to feel within, open to insights which encourage one to go to the edge, connect, mend and share with others.
  4. Go To The Edge – With more safety and trust we are better able to skillfully and courageously explore the edges within ourselves and with others. The more settled we feel the less triggered we are and as a result we are better able to tolerate the discomfort that comes with difficult feelings, new perspective and contradictory opinions, beliefs and situations. Slowly, step by step, stitch by stitch, We grow our ability to listen and speak our hearts’ truths and allow them to transform us and our relationships.

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A human being is a part of the whole we call universe, a part limited in time and space. S/he experiences her/himself, her/his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

Albert Einstein


Listen to Guided Meditation

Together we open our hearts and focus our minds with guided meditation and contemplation. We share in teaching and guided meditation, a mending journey for body, heart, mind and soul.

We hope you participate and benefit from this experience. If you can, come back here daily and listen to the guided meditation. To support your practice you may want to write reflections in a journal, share with a friend and also choose meaningful affirmations and use it often. Using affirmations a few times daily is a great reminder of your mending attitude.

All are welcome to enjoy this practice. Please comment below about your experience or send us an email with questions and comments. We hope it is enjoyable and meaningful. HearAwake at gmail.

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Mending Thinking Mind


(3 minutes)

Guided Meditation

(13 minutes)

Mending Beliefs & Connection to Spirit


(3 minutes)

Guided Meditation

(13 minutes)

Mending with Forgiveness Guided Meditation and Introduction

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